Shipping policy

Please note that the vast majority of our Internet orders are made to order. This implies a production delay of 1-2 weeks before sending your order. If you have a special condition requiring faster delivery (eg: you are going on vacation, you have a special event, etc.) give us a call! There may be a way to expedite your order.

MOOVment Design is committed to respecting the environment and the imprint that the company leaves on it.

During our shipments, you will notice a wide variety of types of cardboard boxes as we collect boxes that other companies send for recycling in order to promote maximum reuse of materials related to the operation of our workshop. The plastic and stuffing paper inside our boxes comes from the packaging in which we receive our rolls of fabric and our cut fabrics on the outside.

This is one of the actions that we are carrying out, hoping to reduce the negative impact of the delivery process on the environment on a small scale.